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COVID 19 Update

We’re back!

We quietly reopened and our number one priority has been serving our clients and getting furniture to them. Please help keep us on the road by donating online or sending in a cheque.

We are making appointments for contactless pickup and drop off of furniture from donors.

Our fresh look!

Victor, Jackson & Eric
John Warford with Vikki Stevenson, Executive Director

If you could get something fixed in a Hackathon, what would it be? When www.move.com asked us, we immediately answered – a new website! And that’s what we got. In just a couple of days in October, we worked with their very patient team headed up by John Warford and the big reveal came in time for Thanksgiving. Huge thanks for giving us a new look, covering costs for the upgrade and for all your enthusiasm. The whole Move.com Hackathon team was:

Parm Johal
Victor Chen
Brennan Ho
Eric Jang
Jackson Yuan
Samantha Huang
Zac Wen
Jack Wu

We’re so happy with our big update!