A call from a client
” “Thank you to HomeStart for everything you guys do. This has been a great help & my place looks great now. Also, the two gentlemen doing the deliveries are very professional, on point, on time. This is just all-around awesome, something helping me change my life. I’d like to thank you guys; I really appreciate it” Matthew

A sincere letter from a recipient

The Circle of Support
“A single mother and her three children were ready to move to their new found apartment after being at Fraserside Shelter for 28 days. Staff knew the woman did not have any furniture or household items – a call to Carolyn was very positive. She promised all the essentials and then some. Our client was very appreciative and vowed that she would donate to HomeStart in the future when she got on her feet. The staff at Fraserside Shelter firmly believe that Homestart will hear from this woman one day – this time it will be to give.

An elderly woman who had just lost her son to cancer asked a friend what she should do with all his furniture and household items. Her friend works at Fraserside Shelter and suggested she call HomeStart. Within a couple of days the team arrived to pick up the items. With the utmost respect and understanding for the woman’s sadness, they loaded the truck very carefully and thanked her for her kindness. This woman has told many people since of the good work HomeStart does for people less fortunate.”

                                 Lynn Hiller, Fraserside Community Services