Is pickup free?
We pick up furniture for a minimum $75 donation. Drivers can accept cash, cheque or credit card or you may donate in advance online. The easiest way to donate is online at www.canadahelps.org.

What are your pickup and delivery areas?
We offer pickup in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby west of Royal Oak Ave. Donors should have at least one large furniture item to qualify for pickup service.

Can I drop off at your warehouse?  
Yes – please call for an appointment.

What is your pickup and delivery schedule?
Monday to Friday 10 AM to 2 PM. We do not offer same day service. Please give us as much advance notice as possible.

Why was my donation declined?
We’ve set high standards! We don’t have the resources to repair or clean items. If it’s not in good to excellent condition, we’re unable to accept your donation. That means no rips, tears, stains, odours (tobacco, pets, mould) missing or broken parts. Our staff have the final say when they come to pick up. Please be selective with your donations.

What about income tax receipts? Can I get a tax receipt for my used furniture?
We issue tax receipts for donations made by cash, cheque or credit card. We do not issue receipts for used items. In the case of a company donating new items, it is our experience that many companies are happy to deduct the donation as a business expense, without requiring a donation receipt – that’s because this has virtually the same effect on their corporate tax return.

Does my organization qualify as a member agency?
We are always considering new organizations for our member agencies. Please call us to discuss and request an application form. There will be a waiting period that depends on our capacity to accept new members.

I can’t find your warehouse address anywhere – why?
We don’t post it anywhere in order to avoid dumping – a costly problem for many charities. We’ll give you our location when you make an appointment.

Can I call to request furniture for myself?
No. Everyone who receives furniture is referred by one of our member agencies. A worker for the agency must make a home visit to ensure that the client is truly in need.

Can I trade furniture?

Will my furniture be sold?
Antiques, collectibles and retro items may be sold to cover operating expenses.